before and after legs

A month ago I was putting my daughter to bed when she decided to complain that her legs were itching and burning. Why are children always fine until the lights are out for the night? Anyway, I rubbed some lotion on them, tucked her in…again, and she went to bed. The next morning she got out of the shower and I looked her legs over in the light to see just what the problem was. They looked awful! Her thighs were covered with a red, flaky rash. I was amazed that she had even been able to fall asleep the night before. Fortunately, I had just made a batch of lotion specifically for the cold, dry, itchy skin season and decided to do a little before and after to show you all.

leg with rash another leg with rash

I took these pictures the morning after she told me she was itching. The only thing I had done up till this point was to put lotion on her legs the night before. I consistently rubbed lotion into her legs every morning after her shower and every night before she went to bed. I did this for a week and by the end of the week the rash was looking much less red and she wasn’t itching at all. Sadly, I never took a picture at this stage as I has planned.

After the first week I quit being so diligent with the lotion application. Some days she used it twice but quite often she applied it only once a day and occasionally we forgot all together. However, after one month her legs were completely clear.

healed leg another healed leg

It’s been about a week since I took these pictures and she continues to use lotion periodically and her skin is still very clear and, most importantly, itch free. Now she has to come up with other things to delay bedtime. Unfortunately for me, she has a long list.