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Why do you homeschool? If you’ve homeschooled for a day you’ve most likely been asked this question. I’ve heard so many different answers:
I want to tailor my children’s education to them.
I only have my children for a short time and I want them with me.
My children have some challenges that can best be handled best at home.
I’m not happy with the education they are getting in public school.
Common Core is a nightmare.

For me, the answer was not so simple.

Yes, I like the idea of tailoring my child’s education to meet their needs, but I also thought they could learn valuable lessons in a public school setting where they would have to work with and learn from many different people.

I love my children and I love being around my children, but I was also looking forward to sending them to school so I could pursue some of my own interests and hobbies.

My son has some challenges with anxiety and school proved to be a source of aggravation for him. I could help him by pulling him out of school but wouldn’t that teach him that his parents will bail him out when things get hard?

Some of the education my children received in public school was definitely less than stellar. However, for the most part, they had wonderful teachers who genuinely cared and had a lot to offer.

In my mind, there was no flip side to Common Core. It was just bad. The moment nationwide standards are put into place is the moment that society begins to strive for mediocrity.

For a long time, my answer to the why do you homeschool question was that I wasn’t happy with Common Core. It was true, but it was only a small part of the equation. So why do I homeschool? I homeschool because as I prayed for direction in raising my children I received a very clear and direct revelation that my children would be better prepared for the world ahead if they built their foundation alongside their parents and siblings in our home. I homeschool because my children are all unique and none of them fit the public school mold. Why not build upon their strengths and allow them to be their best self? They still have ample opportunity to learn from others in church and community. I homeschool because I do have my children with me for a short time and I signed up to be their mother. Yes, it requires that I sacrifice some time and comfort but now I can pursue interests and hobbies with them, not despite them. I homeschool because everyone struggles with something and I don’t see a need to add unnecessary stress to a difficult situation. I homeschool because I genuinely care and I have a lot to offer my children.

So why do you homeschool?