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Because my skin is so dry I started making lotion with oils that would specifically address my challenges. However, I realize that not everyone has dry skin. The purpose of this post is to give the most basic instructions with the minimum ingredients to get started. I purchase all of my lotion making supplies from Majestic Mountain Sage. They have great prices and their quality is fantastic. So without further ado here we go.

¾ C of water
½ tsp citric acid
1 Tbsp sodium lactate or glycerin
2 Tbsp stearic acid
3 Tbsp emulsifying wax
¼ C 100% olive oil
2 Tbsp mango butter

Melt mango butter in the microwave or hot water bath to make it pourable. Next, add all of the ingredients to a microwave safe bowl and microwave until all solids are melted. Mix solution with a wire whisk for two to three minutes and then let it rest for two to three minutes. Repeat two or three times until mixture cools and no longer separates. The lotion will continue to thicken for a day or two after it is made. If it’s too thick, melt it down, add a little water, and repeat the mixing process. Makes about 10 oz.

essential oils

I use essential oils to scent my lotion. Essential oils can be very beneficial in aiding a host of health challenges, however, I do not consider myself an expert in the use of essential oils and will not give advice about using them for medicinal purposes. They can be dangerous if used in too high a concentration and it is important to make sure the essential oils you use are safe to use if you are pregnant, nursing, have health problems, or if you use them with babies and children. Do your research to ensure that you are using essential oils safely and effectively.

Purpose of ingredients

Water is used to create the correct consistency for the lotion. It is also essential to form emulsions between the water and oil components of the lotion. I recommend using distilled or purified water.

Citric acid lowers the ph level of lotion creating a more acidic environment where bacteria can’t thrive. This will prolong the life of the lotion. Citric acid, however, it is not a preservative and will not kill bacteria.

citric acid

Sodium lactate and glycerin are humectants which aid in moisturization. Both ingredients are wonderful for lotion but I am partial to sodium lactate for its moisturizing properties and its smooth texture.

sodium lactate

Stearic acid is used to thicken the lotion. If your lotion is too thin consider adding more stearic acid.

stearic acid

Emulsifying wax is used to stabilize water and oil blends. It also thickens lotion, but not as effectively as stearic acid.

emulsifying wax

Fixed oils are used to moisturize and condition the skin. For the purpose of making lotion I use liquid oils as oil and solid oils as butter. Some oils, such as coconut oil, are solid, but very soft at room temperature. When I make lotion I treat them as butter but they may make your lotion a bit thinner. Every oil has different properties and should be chosen according to skin type. You may use one oil or a blend of multiple oils. For this basic lotion recipe, I chose olive oil because it is readily available and it is a good oil for all skin types. However, there are many different oils for every skin type. Mango butter, while not as easy to find as olive oil, is also great for all skin types.

mango butter

bottles of oil

I hope you try making lotion at home. It’s super easy, less expensive, and, in my humble opinion, superior to mass-produced lotion.